Foreign Language Tutorials: German, Russian and Bulgarian for foreigners
Individual tutorials and preparation for the School-living examinations and other certificates
Profound and solid language skills
Bulgarian for foreigners
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Feel the language like your own element!

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I offer individual/semi-individual classes, as well as classes in small groups (up to 4 students) in pleasant and relaxing environment.We choose the teaching system and design your individual curriculum together.The aim is to achieve comprehensive and profound knowledge of the target language through practicing and mastering all language skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening.

In my work, I try to make the best use of contemporary teaching systems, including CD, DVD, additional exercises, grammar tables and tests.In addition, I use a variety of texts and audio and video materials related to the culture of the country/countries where the target language is native.

Why do I prefer individual tutorials?

  • • because the teaching process can be fully adapted to your individual needs and preferences ;
  • • because in this way it recognizes and follows your individual goals and objectives ;
  • • because it allows you to choose the intensity of your study course and the amount of workload in conformity with your free time at the given moment ;
  • • because it makes studying effective and productive and helps not only the successful language learning but also the personal development and enrichment .