Foreign Language Tutorials: German, Russian and Bulgarian for foreigners
Individual tutorials and preparation for the School-living examinations and other certificates
Profound and solid language skills
Bulgarian for foreigners
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My Language Studio

Feel the language like your own element!

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I teach individual classes in Bulgarian to foreigners from beginner (A1) to proficiency (C2)level.


I use English, Russian, and German as mediators at the early stages of teaching.

I have extensive experience in teaching Bulgarian to foreigners with students from Iran, Turkey, Russia, Latvia, Sweden, Germany, Austria, the UK and the USA.

In my classes I use mostly „Учете български език“ (Learn Bulgarian), University of Sofia,Dr. Ivan Bogorov Publishing House; „Български език за чужденци“ (Bulgarian language for foreigners), University of Veliko Tarnovo, Faber Publishing House; „Български език като чужд за напреднали“ (Bulgarian as foreign language for advanced learners), Gutenberg Publishing House.

I also use many additional materials (both grammatical and lexical), which I prepare on my own in accordance with the individual needs and preferences of my students. Audio and video material is also included in the teaching process.

I offer on-line teaching via Skype.

Some of the up-to-date Bulgarian Language teaching systems can be seen here.